Communication training for the beco, Canton of Bern 

In this project we have developed a 3-hour communication training, which consists of theoretical inputs as well as practical exercises and role-play elements. We focus on the basics of verbal and non-verbal communication, but also on aspects of environmental psychology such as personal space, territories, and the perception and use of spatial structures.

The training aimed at providing chimney sweepers with communication skills that help them to promote a more sustainable and environmental friendly heating-behaviour with their clients.

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Shinrin-Yoku Health Trainer

This 1-Day workshop is part of the professional training as Shinrin-Yoku Health Trainer provided by the Waldbaden Akademie Schweiz (Nadine Gäschlin). 

Topics include insights from environmental and health psychology on restorative environments, stress, coping and salutogenesis in combination with psychoneuroimmunology. The workshop relies on scientific methods and knowledge and encourages a critical assessment of chances, risks and potential associated with Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing. Furthermore, ethical aspects of health interventions are discussed.

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Changing behaviors 

In this 1 to multiple days workshop we focus on behaviour and behaviour change. With regard to our framework model for environmental communication, this course concerns planning, applying, analysing and evaluation measures and campaigns that aim at behaviour change. The course is suitable for planners, researchers and practitioners who work in the field of environmental communication or behaviour change.

All content is related to theories and models from health-, social- and environmental psychology and is tailored to the workshop audience.

[Details in German language only]

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