Projects (details in German only, sorry!)

Visitorstudy at KLIMA ARENA 

In this project, we support the KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim by investigating how visitors orient themselves in the KLIMA ARENA and whether they acquire action knowledge and action competences in the sense of Education for Sustainable Development through their visit and interactions with the exhibits.

Orchard landscapes and Health 

Orchard landscapes are important for biodiversity. However, they often require intensive maintenance and are not particularly lucrative economically.

In this project funded by the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection (BW), we are investigating with Prof. Dr. Siegmund (PH Heidelberg) and Prof. Dr. Küpfer (StadtLandFluss, Nürtingen) whether and how synergies with the health sector can make the management and care of orchard landscapes more attractive by using orchard landscapes as restorative environments.

Book project: Wilderness experience

Wilderness is in decline worldwide, but it is very important for our ecosystem and thus also for human well-being and health.

In this book project, financed by the Paul Schiller Foundation, we shed light on the social science and environmental psychology perspective on wilderness and wilderness experience and thus want to give the wilderness debate in German-speaking countries a new perspective.

Barriers and Facilitators for the state-wide biotope network

The ongoing loss of biodiversity is both a global and a local problem for society as a whole, for which countermeasures urgently need to be found and implemented. As a promising countermeasure, the state-wide biotope network is to be both strengthened and gradually expanded to cover at least 15% of Baden-Württemberg's open land by 2030.

In this project, funded by the Ministry of the Environment of the State of Baden-Württemberg, we are investigating which obstacles and support factors need to be taken into account for different stakeholder groups and formulate recommendations for the Ministry accordingly.


…is a concept for environmental education that aims at promoting ecological, economical and social sustainable behaviour. It motivates through aspects of gamification to engage in protecting natural resources and the socio.physical environment. N-Trail can easily be implemeted in almost any context (schools, NGOs, protected areas, city development etc.). N-Trail was developed to help reaching the 17 goals for sustainable developmen (SDGs). 

Impact analysis of the project "Successful strategies of homeowners for flood protection” 

In the project "Successful strategies of homeowners for flood protection" of Wissensmanagement Umwelt and RisikoWissen, so-called social learning videos are used to show preventive action options for better building protection.

On behalf of the Prevention Foundation of the Cantonal Building Insurance Companies and the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), we are evaluating the impact of the social learning video communication tool on flood protection behaviour in the context of adaptation to climate change.


Completed Projects (in german only)

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